Friday, November 30, 2007

Ferragamo Olive and Brown Croc Flats

Where: Consignment Boutique
Cost: Roughly $30

These shoes taught me alot of lessons:

1.) Quality is crucial when it comes to shoes and it does not have to cost alot.

2.) Some people have issues with secondhand shoes.... I am not one of these people. As long as the shoes are in good shape and they have no odor, it really doesn't bother me.

3.) Leather lining makes me happy. Any shoes that must be worn without socks must have leather lining or my feet are miserable. Leather breathes and stretches.

4.) I like classic items with interesting/ feminine details. The simple design of the shoe is classic yet the color of olive green is unexpected. These shoes remind me of Katherine Hepburn because they have that menswear feel and I love anything that reminds me of old Hollywood.

5.) These shoes are so much better than the two inch heels with synthetic lining I had been wearing before I found them. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can really ruin your day. Awesome shoes that are cute and comfortable can make you feel great.

Many style experts will say that your shoes should be an investment. Well made shoes feel more comfortable and they will last longer with regular care. I would rather have five pairs of great feeling, attractive shoes than fifty pairs of synthetic shoes that look cute but feel terrible. If the shoe makes your feet sweat and they ache by the end of the day, you really are not going to look forward to wearing them, even if they are adorable.

I have found that secondhand stores can be a good place to find high end shoes at a good price, but ebay is even better. In fact I am getting ready to bid on this exact same style of shoe but in black on ebay. The current price is $12.75. Obviously, I am also all about buying multiples of something if that something works!

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