Saturday, December 1, 2007

J Crew Look- Alike Cheetah Belt

Where: Goodwill
Cost: $1 (for real)

I love J Crew. Sometimes I will actually suck it up and order something from them. But mostly I use their catalogs and website for daydreaming and inspiration.

I must have had the secondhand gods smiling down one me when I spotted this belt in my local Goodwill. I swear there was a beam of light from heaven shining down on it amongst the beat up brown leather belts and plastic pieces of crap. This belt is an exact replica of a 60 some dollar one I had been drooling over from J Crew's Spring/ Summer collection '07. It was in terrific condition and actually appeared to have never been worn. I am not sure if it is real leather/ calf hair like the J Crew one but it sure looks like it. Even the nickel buckle looks the same. I wish I had a picture of the J Crew one to compare.

The tartan shirt is actually J Crew (bought new off of ebay for half price) and you can tell by my mixing of patterns that I stare at J Crew catalogs alot.

Other things that I am wearing will be discussed in future posts!

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