Thursday, December 13, 2007

Banana Republic Red Merino Sweater

Where: Goodwill
Cost: $3.29

Olive Banana Republic Chinos

Where: Goodwill
Cost: $3.79 plus $10 hem = $13.79

Three Strand Beaded Necklace

Where: Consignment Boutique
Cost: $6

Ferragamo Flats

Was at work when I realized "My whole outfit is secondhand today!", which I thought was pretty cool. Then I came home and took this picture.

Hmmm.... I love the pants and necklace and ofcourse my beloved flats, but this sweater doesnt look very good. I kind of look frumpy and a little too old.

Sweaters are difficult for me to feel like I look great in. I have broad shoulders and a large chest compared to my hips. I prefer looser fitting sweaters that dont cling to my shoulders or chest but this one is a little too loose. I think I will save this sweater for hanging around on the weekends...

Another good thing about secondhand style: not a huge loss. I think I can spare $3.29

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