Friday, December 14, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Wow I feel like a real blogger! How exciting! Marjorie at My Inner French Girl has tagged me for a meme.

What four things do you love most about living in France? I do not live in France but I have been very inspired by the culture for the last few years.
  1. The French value quality over quantity. This goes most famously for food, but also in their wardrobes. Yes I shop secondhand, but I am very picky about what I bring home. Its easy to go crazy at a thrift store where everything is so cheap, but discretion is necessary to avoid a closet full of junk.
  2. The French have a healthier relationship with food. No obsession over fat grams here! The French eat real food and they eat until they are satisfied. If you do this and listen to your body, you will be at the weight you are meant to be (which may not be as small as you want but you will be happier following these rules). Use real cream in your coffee, eat cheese, and use real butter. For more info read The Fat Fallacy by Will Clower.
  3. The French love cheese. I love cheese. All different kinds. I eat several types daily.
  4. The French adore that which is old. This includes antique furniture, wine, and even women of a "certain age". Americans are obsessed with youth and value the newest technologies. Secondhand often has a stigma attached to it in the US. If it is not brand new then it must not be that great. Obviously I disagree.
What four most memorable jobs have you had?
  1. "Comp Shopper" for Target. I went undercover in Wal Mart stores to determine the prices of thousands of items. I reported back with Wal Mart's prices scanned in a special machine. I got caught by the manager of Wal Mart and all the employees gave me dirty looks everyday. It was pretty much the worst job ever. (FYI Wal Mart has these people for Target too).
  2. Right out of college I worked as a research assistant for a major university's project on pond management techniques in the Southeast. My degree was in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise. Go figure.
  3. Cashier at the University Bookstore. What a great job (I am being sincere, I really enjoyed it!). I sold sodas, candy, and condoms to my fellow students for three years.
  4. My current position as a Nutritionist in public health. I tell moms that their kids need more than kool aid, fried chicken, and chips to survive. As you can tell it has made me a little cynical.
Four quirky things about the way I eat (and drink):
  1. I avoid "faux foods" like high fructose corn syrup but crave diet soda daily. I can not help it. Nothing tastes better in the afternoon than an ice cold can of chemicals.
  2. I could eat bean burritos everyday (homemade) and have for four days straight.
  3. I can feel pretty good after one glass of beer.
  4. I like eating my ice cream out of a cup. No bowls please.
What are your four favorite foods?
  1. Mexican Food (I love it all)
  2. Sushi
  3. Tea
  4. Cheese
Four recipes you cook all the time?
  1. Lasagna.
  2. Bean burritos (see above).
  3. French onion soup
  4. Frozen pizza (but I doctor it up with peppers, mushroom, and spinach). That counts right?
Because I enjoy their styles, I am going to tag Allie and Shar.


La Belette Rouge said...

I totally agree with what you and everyone else who has written in this meme--about loving France. Dito!!

The Fat Fallacy makes so much sense to me. There is a new book called "Good Calories; Bad Calories" that you might like--it does a great job in proving the science of Clower's book. As your degree is in Nutrition--I think you will love it.
Fun post. Love these memes ;)

Amarie said...

hey LBR! thanks for the comment. yes i will have to check that one out. i enjoy a good science-y book every now and then.