Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Banana Republic Bedford Handbag

Where: Ebay
Cost: $75

Yes, this is quite expensive if you are used to paying thrift store prices, but a good handbag can last you a really long time. The leather on this bag is so luxurious and the hardware and construction are sturdy. It truly is the only bag I have been using since I got it back in September.

Ebay is a great place to purchase nice handbags. This one was not even used. It originally retailed for $198 so I did get quite a bargain. Clothing is tricky on ebay unless you are sure of your size in a particular brand. And you can even get burned purchasing shoes.... but handbags always fit.


My Inner French Girl said...

Bonjour! Oh, I love this bag! I've always wanted to get one in that particular color (camel? caramel?), as my handbag collection of late seems to lean more towards the dark side. I really like the shape and size. Would work so well both out on the town and at work.


Amarie said...

Hey Marjorie! I think they called the bag color "whiskey" and yes I am finding it very versatile (i even think it looks ok with black).

Allie said...

I have the Sandhurst bag from banana Republic in the same hue - also a score off eBay. I love that color - it works with black, brown, colors and transitions from season to season very well. Awesome purchase!