Sunday, December 30, 2007

A New Year's Resolution

This always seems to happen to me every few months. I get the urge to do a complete overhaul in my wardrobe. I look at the majority of my closet now and see nothing but drabness and I hate everything.

Why oh why did I buy so much brown clothing this fall? A turtleneck, dress, sweater, and blouse? What was I thinking?

I know exactly what I was thinking: because of my paleness I thought brown could be a nice neutral and a softer alternative to black.... thats what all the beauty books say and it got embedded in my brain and I bought brown without thinking about whether I actually liked the color. But I have finally realized that brown does absolutely nothing for me. My new year's resolution is to buy no more brown.

I will seek out jewel tones. Emerald green, royal blue, deep purple.... but no more brown.

Some reminders for myself, who cannot seem to resist brown:


I think I can do this.


Polly said...

I ended up with a lot of brown this year too. I'm in a stage where I"m trying to get rid of prints and move to a more minimalist look of solids and neutrals. I'm a former natural blonde who has gone mousy, and my skin is cool toned. I think cooler browns are good on me - not so harsh as black, and yet I don't want to fade away.

The jcrew catalog, and also kate spade website -- good sources for color inspiration.

The Seeker said...

Thank you for checking my blog. I hope that my color wearing could inspire you. I love black, but life can be so grey that I like to colorfull my days. I think that's a great resolution ;)
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

La Belette Rouge said...

I really like brown. I am a pale redhead with blue eyes and the brown seems to work. Like you, I was trying to replace some black. Even though I like brown, I still like black better.

I wish that in 2008 I could go secondhand store shopping. You are lucky and have a great eye.

Hope your 2008 is filled with amazing secondhand goodies and maybe a softly worn Chanel jacket for $20.00. A girl can dream, can't she?

Amarie said...

Polly- Thanks for the comment! I am looking forward to reading some of your Fashion in the Farm Lane - love the concept.

Seeker- I love your use of color as I have mentioned before. You seem to be an expert!

LBR- I am also a pale red-(ish)head but I think my aversion to brown is more psychological. I have worn so much brown and earth tones through the years I am ready for a change. I'll be on the lookout for that Chanel jacket. You never know!

My Inner French Girl said...

Bonjour, Amarie!

I'm with you. Most of my life has been spent in various shades of black and navy, with occasional forays into brown when I'm feeling especially daring. But this year, I aim to try out more colors of the rainbow.

I've been looking into overhauling my wardrobe myself and have been slowly adding more jewel tones over the past few months. Have you been to Target lately? It's my new favorite go-to place for inexpensive but lovely pieces, and their spring collection has hit the stores.

Bonne annee, mon amie!


Amarie said...

Hey Marjorie!

I am glad we can make 2008 the year of color together! I have thought some more about Target lately because everything always looks cute but then when I put the clothing on I am often disappointed by the material and fit. However, now that I am more willing to try color there may be more options open for me. I am heading to the website as we speak!

My Inner French Girl said...

Bonjour, Amarie!

I like Target's new line, although I understand about material and fit. I found a deep violet top in their maternity department that I love love love (I just got the smallest size they had).

The materials really aren't top-drawer, so I remain picky even when shopping there. While the price is awesome, of course, I still hesitate to buy it if I know it'll only last a season or two. I do most of my shopping at thrift shops, where the quality tends to be better and the price is almost always right!

If you find any jewels, do share!