Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blue Pumas

Where: Ebay

Cost: $24.95

A more stylish alternative to ugly cross trainers, these shoes are good for walking and when you have to be on your feet all day. I had a pair of burgundy puma anjan's for four years before retiring them. This fall when I went online to find their replacement, I discovered that they discontinued the style.

Ebay is a great place to go when this happens. I found these new on ebay for 24.95 (plus S&H but I dont remember how much).

Forgot to mention that they were regularly $65. Oh yes I love a good deal.

1 comment:

Racheal said...

This is probably going to be very random! BUT....I googled these shoes and found your blog! I have been looking for these exact shoes for my husband whose have worn out!So you just gave me hope!!Have a fabulous day!