Thursday, January 3, 2008

Go Hokies

What: Orange and Maroon Wool Scarf from American Eagle
Where: Plato's Closet
Cost: $3

I wasn't going to post this find (because it's not my most stylish item) but I am filled with Hokie Pride for my Alma Mater as we prepare to play Kansas in the Orange Bowl tonight.

Hank decided to jump up and start kneading it to show his support for the Hokies.


SHOEGAL said...

What a fab blog! So glad I found you. Want to trade links? I love me a charity shop bargain too!

Amarie said...

Hey shoegal! Thanks so much for commenting and linking to my blog. Consider yourself linked I love your shoes (all of them).

My Inner French Girl said...

That's a great scarf! It seems like a color that would flatter most complexions, which is what a scarf is supposed to do, right? ;-)

I haven't been to a secondhand store in about a week, but now I feel the urge. Thanks for the inspiration!


Amarie said...

oh yes. orange and maroon flatter any hokie's complexion. (;

La Belette Rouge said...

Love how Hank's stripes on his legs match your Hokie scarf. So cute!!! I think we watched that game, and when I say we I mean that my husband watched it while I worked on the computer. You won the game, right?

Amarie said...

No, sadly we did not win. But we did win the ACC. Thats all that matters, right? Yeah... we keep telling ourselves that.

Betty C. said...

You kitt is adorable! I used to enjoy second-hand shopping, but there aren't a log of opportunities in the area of France I live in. Maybe I should look around!